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Altar Project 6/97

Altar table


The Idea:

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Preliminary design

This is a preliminary design of the Altar table based on discussions from the few sources we had. The leg design changed as well as the design of the cross members. The photographs illustrate the differences.


This cut-away shows our first ideas about how to assemble the table

3d Line Drawing

This is a line rendering of a 3d model that I made in Infini-d 3.0. It was meant to show all the major parts and how they fit together. Note the pegs for the table top.

The Work:

Cherry Lumber

These are the Cherry boards for the altar some from a parishioner's own dried Cherry and some from Lancaster, PA.

Milling Table pieces

Here I am milling one of the sections of the Table top. The tongue that I'm making fits into the "bread board" edge that eliminated the visability of end grains.

Top Not on Yet

This photo shows the table without the top installed. The top would be installed during the consecration with pegs hammered into the legs with four river stones.

Beautiful Table Top

Andrew Fetchina designed the "bread board" construction of the table top. No nails were used anywhere in the construction.Note the small wood pegs for the edge. Natural glue was used where absolutely necessary. An icon of each of the four evangelists mark each corner.

View of Legs

This photo shows the legs. These were true 4 x 4 cherry lumber

( That's not easy to come by!!)

Center View

This picture shows the cross and bracing as it finally worked out. The boards are held in grooves cut in each leg.

(Note the 4 river stones!)

Close-up of Cross

This is the center cross that I made. The top of it holds the sacred relics of three saints.

The Consecration: Snap shots

The Holy Tools



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